Randy Morrison has had a rich and diverse career spanning morning radio to network television on and off camera.  Randy is the great nephew of the silent film legend Colleen Moore who has her feet and hand prints immortalized in front of Grumman’s Chinese theatre on Hollywood Boulevard (just below Marilyn Monroe’s, if your looking).

Randy started hanging out around radio stations in the mid-70’s while still in high school, finally scoring his first full-time shift in December of 1977 as the “Kid” at KIDD/Monterey during his senior year. Randy first made his mark with outrageous promotions for the radio station. Randy holds the unofficial record for the longest carousel ride (14 days)! Several years later, Randy moved his career to the southern states in 1982 where his voice and outrageous on air antics propelled him in to mornings and big ratings. It was here that he scored his first job as the “voice” of WALA TV/Mobile…a job which he still performs for many stations across the country.

Randy then made a series of upward moves in market size until he landed in Las Vegas in 1986. His voice work soon landed him the position of “the voice of Las Vegas”, a job which he still holds to this day. Success in Las Vegas radio led to his ultimate job, mornings at KNAC/Los Angeles in 1991. Randy was inducted into the Las Vegas Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame in 2013 and is currently being considered for induction into the Las Vegas Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

Leaving the radio airwaves behind in 1995, Randy turned his sights on the family business…acting. Several years of intense study at LACC Theatre Academy and under the finest dialect/acting and speech coaches in Los Angeles landed Randy the national representation and the work. Some of Randy’s work can be heard on the MGM Networks, as well as numerous video games, commercials, movies and web sites.